Take Action

Taking action can be as little as a polite phone call, sending a polite letter or email to management or as much as taking part in a protest against Dogs4Us.

Dogs4Us have two branches:

Manchester branch

Agecroft Road
M27 8SN

0161 736 5010

Leeds branch

Waterloo Way
LS13 2EF

0113 257 3510

Emails can be sent to Sales@dogs4us.com

Note: Please keep ALL conversations polite.


You can find any upcoming protests on our Events page on Facebook.

Adopt, don’t buy!
Take action by rescuing a puppy from an overflowing shelter. Don’t buy a puppy while other dogs go without a family or are put to sleep because no one will take them on.

Boycott Dogs4Us

Never buy anything from Dogs4Us until they stop selling puppies at their stores. Buying pet food or supplies from Dogs4Us funds the cruel puppy farm trade.

9 thoughts on “Take Action”

  1. I went to Manchester dogsrus today an seen the protesters this made me check you out an I.m now spreading the word on Facebook I feel sick watching the videos I bought my dog from them 4 years ago thankfully he’s ok though.

  2. I too bought my dog from them 4 years ago, thankfully he is ok and I love him the world, but I feel sick that I gave my money to these people.

  3. I started a petition two years ago to get them shut down as a lady i no bought a so called pedigree dog and it died at 7months leaving.her destroyed i will share as much as possible

  4. I bought my dog from here 6 years ago and only realised afterwards that these dogs are from puppy farms. It makes me sick to think that I gave them my money. When they handed her over they didnt ask me any questions, i.e have I owed a dog before, did I have a garden etc, which I was surprised about. She has allergies and hip dispraxia and now a cataract in her eye. These places make me sick so I am so glad to hear of your group and hope that they get shut down! I think if people were aware of where these animals come from they would never buy from there

  5. Please adopt from a rescue organisation. Never buy a puppy which cannot be seen with its mother. I am in floods of tears after looking at these pictures and will write a letter of complaint.


    Just 4 weeks ago I brought a German shepherd pup from here for 650£ we have today been today she has more wrong than right and may not make it through the night, the staff have been appalling and don’t want to take any responsibility whats so ever because they cannot breed dogs correctly, please can everyone share this so we make sure this company are done over well and truly. Thank you

  7. In shock………and actually broke down at this report. We recently lost our beloved cavalier and was thinking of going here as they have so many cavaliers…..I THINK NOT!!!! I just want to take all the breeders those poor poor dogs. Cant stop thinking about this. Hope people share my report and that people actually make this happen and close this disgusting place down. DO ALL THE CELEBS WHO BOUGHT FROM HERE KNOW ABOUT THIS I WONDER?!?! Their input could help if so. Good luck. Xxxx

  8. I bought my westie from here over 6 years ago- she was 6 month old when i got her and had never been out of her cage, she didn’t even know how to climb up a kerb. she started off being very timid and this should all have sent alarm bells going off but it just made me want her more, she needed love. I later found that she was actually born on a puppy farm in wales and her father is in fact her grandfather too… I don’t know anything about breeding but i would have thought they could find enough reputable healthy stud westies without having to resort to this! For over 5 years she has shown awful mental health issues- can be aggressive, untrusting and often untrustworthy! She’s been shown nothing but love from a large close fanily and will still be continued to be loved dispite her bad traits- but i believe these issues to be a result of the disgrace that is dogs4us and her bad blood line! I would not recommend!!

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