Boycott Dogs4Us Campaign – Full Steam Ahead!

After a successful protest last week at Dogs4Us Leeds and one yesterday in Manchester we embarked on a phone action against a key Dogs4Us supplier – Natures Menu.

Natures Menu stated that they are taking a “positive approach” to this matter, they did not clarify what they meant by this.

Dogs4us Demonstration 28th October

We Invite you to join us and make your voice heard at the animal hell hole Dogs4us

Boycott Dogs4us Campaign will be protesting outside the UK’s largest pet superstore Dogs4us in Leeds to highlight it’s link to unethical puppy farming

Dogs4us was exposed by Sky News in 2009 for sourcing puppies from puppy farms in Wales where dogs are being kept in squalid conditions. Dogs were found living in tiny pens in complete darkness with little or no bedding, no stimulation, and no access to the outside. Footage obtaineed by Sky News revealed the torment inflicted upon these sentient creatures as a result of persistent confinement, as well as documenting the customers of Dogs4us who had bought sick and diseased puppies.

Dogs4us still will not allow customers to see puppies with their mother before you buy as the government recommend.

Jon Procer from Boycott Dogs4us Team says, “The disease ridden puppy factories are absolutely vile and complete hell on earth for animals, we will keep protesting and urging a boycott on Dogs4Us until they end this needless suffering. The shiny sleek store does in no way reflect the reality of how these puppies enter the world. So many unwanted dogs are waiting in shelters to be found homes, so if people wish to care for an animal we urge them to visit their local animal rescue centre”

Sky News footage:

Event Page can be found Here

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So join with us on this fantastic day and show dogs4us we are going no where till they stop abusing animals

Leeds  Dogs4us 

Waterloo Way
LS13 2EF

Anti-Puppy Farming Day Sees Around 44 people Protest Dogs4us

Around 30 people in Leeds and 14 in Manchester protested Dogs4us sale of puppy farm puppies on the 16th of September as part of worldwide Anti-Puppy Farming Day.

In Leeds local children joined the protests bringing hand-made banners of their own.

Customers turned away and tons of public support was received by the campaign . Dogs4us is losing more and more business because of it’s choice to support the cruel battery farming of puppies.

Exposed: David Furness/Davina Finesse Dogs4us Puppy Seller

More from Dogs4us staff whistle-blowers.
Revealed: David Furness, middle-man puppy dealer who travels to Wales weekly to pick up puppy farm pups for Dogs4us. David who enjoys cross dressing goes by the name Davina Finesse and lives in Altringham.
The staff member that alerted us to David described him as a “nasty bit of work”.
Please keep the info coming Dogs4us staff.

Dogs4us Protest : Double Trouble For Worldwide Anti Puppy Farm Day

Boycott Dogs4 us invite you to join our protest against Dogs4us for International Anti-Puppy Farming Day

Leeds & Manchester

16Th September 2012 
Waterloo Way 
LS13 2EF

To coincide with Worldwide Anti Puppy Farming Day on the 16th September Boycott Dogs4us will be protesting outside the UK’s largest pet superstore Dogs4us in leeds and Manchester to highlight its links to unethical puppy farming.

Dogs4us still will not allow customers to see puppies with their mother before you buy as the government recommend.

Sky News footage:

Facebook Event:

Facebook Page:

30 People Join Protest at Dogs4Us Leeds

On Sunday 26h August 2012, 30 people (over the course of the day) including local children and young people protested against Dogs4us Leeds. It is great to see young people taking action for animals – special thanks to them.

The store had hardly any customers all day, people turned away after receiving leaflets and even more turned away at the gates after merely seeing the protest. Staff were standing about with nothing to do and ordering themselves a pizza and drinking cups of tea all day.

Customers came up to campaigners to tell us the puppies were clearly too young to be responsibly sold, had no fresh water and there were lots of stories of sick puppies bought from Dogs4us.

Local children told us how the puppies always looked sad in Dogs4Us and were keen to join the protest themselves.

Dogs4us Staff its Time to Blow the Whistle

After receiving a number of interesting communications from a number of individuals connected to Dogs4us and close to owner Ray McCadden we thought it was about time we publicly appealed for more whistle-blowers.

If you work for Dogs4us, or have done in the past, or know someone that does, we want to hear from you. We need information on the suppliers of the puppies, Dogs4us suppliers in general, staff members , management and more.

We will pay for good information. Why not earn some extra cash on the side? We protect your identity totally.

And to the rest of the Dogs4us staff, you cant trust anyone. Remember the staff member, the ‘friend’, the family member, the customer that is claiming to hate us protesters could be one of those already assisting us. Remember there are people you know providing information right now, possibly on you.

Got something to say? Contact us:

Demonstration Leeds: Time To Unite

Dogs4us is a exposed puppy warehouse.

It has branches in Leeds and Manchester.

Dogs4us continue selling puppies in their pet shops. They have been exposed before buying from horrific puppy farms. We say enough is enough. Its time for Dogs4us to stop selling animals like products. It’s time for us to unite and stop this cruelty NOW!!

Join us for a lawful protest outside Leeds Store On August 26th

Waterloo Way
Leeds LS13 2EF

Facebook event :

Around 45 protesters attend Dogs4us protest, massive public support!

Yesterday (22nd July) around 45 protesters (over the course of the day) protested Dogs4us in Manchester. This is over double the lower end of our pre-protest estimate of 20! Loud and direct the protest had tons of public support. The road was awash with noise as cars tooted to show their disgust at Dogs4us dirty business.

Refreshments were brought by locals that wanted to show support for the campaign and other passers-by joined the demo.

Members of the public and the few customers Dogs4us actually had, read the signs and leaflets about the Sky News and Channel 5 expose showing the cruel conditions dogs were kept in at a breeder that supplied Dogs4us. The megaphone was used to let people know that the Government recommend that you only buy a puppy if you can see the mother and that no so-called ‘responsible’ breeder would sell to a pet shop.

Sacha (the son of the Dogs4Us owner) who came out to photograph the protesters ran back inside Dogs4Us when activists went up to say ‘hi’ (assaulting an activist on his way). Then he cowardly sent his girlfriend out to take photos of the protesters while he hid inside!

Paige (Sacha’s girlfriend) appears to join the Boycott Dogs4us protest 😉

Interest in the campaign continues to grow with over 60,000 views on the YouTube video showing the Sky News investigation of Dogs4us. Pledges to boycott continue to overwhelm the campaign and protest numbers continue to be strong. Dogs4us…. it is time to stop selling puppies!

Customers turned away! Weekly demos continue to succeed.

Activists were once again back at Dogs4us Leeds for one of the smaller weekly demos. The store is always very empty but this time it was even emptier as 2 customers turned away after hearing the truth about Dogs4us!

Here is a report from the ground; “Today’s demo at Dogs4Us Leeds was the best yet! Two potential customers turned away, one of whom looked sick to her stomach upon learning of the horrors of the puppy farming industry. Upon chanting “One customer turned away”, the manager came out to keep her beady eye on us, but she didn’t say anything – after all what can she say to justify what she does?”

Next Sunday (22nd July) is the monthly demo which will see between 20-30 activists from around the country protesting against the Manchester store. Please make sure you are one of them! Full event details can be found here.


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