Meet The Team

Aran Mathai Boycott Dogs4Us Chairman 

Aran Mathai – Chairman and Founder

Aran is a Law Graduate with a passion for animal protection issues with over a decades experience in this field. He has been active at all levels of the grassroots animal protection movement. From 2006 – 2011, he chaired Animal Rights Cambridge, which started in 1977 as Cambridge Animal Aid and is the longest standing local Animal Rights group in the UK. Aran has spearheaded a number of activist projects, social media initiatives and  has appeared on local/national media advocating for animals.

Rachel Mathai Boycott Dogs4Us Communications and Activist Liaison Director 

Rachel Mathai – Communications and Activist Liaison Director

Rachel is a Sociology Graduate with wide ranging social and care experience spanning many decades, including over a decade working within the animal protection movement. She has experience working with people of all backgrounds and cultures meaning she is an excellent port of contact for our eclectic activist base. Rachel has worked in a Public Relations role for local animal protection causes. Her friendly and professional approach means that she is perfectly placed to form strong working relationships with the press.

Luke Beevers Boycott Dogs4Us Leeds Campaigns Director 

Luke Beevers – Leeds Campaigns Director

Luke has worked in frontline grassroots animal protection for many years. Luke has experience directly protecting wildlife and has worked against illegal fox hunting. Luke has a wide range of expertise and knowledge spanning the law, politics and the whole gamut of animal protection issues. Luke has driven activism against the Leeds branch of Dogs4Us including organising weekly leafleting sessions at a point in the campaign where those were necessary. Luke’s dedicated and friendly attitude means he is able to form strong working relationships across the animal protection movement.

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