2 thoughts on “Contact Us”

  1. I hear dominc littlewood is doing a second series on puppy trading look online theres a telephone number and email address you can contact them on .I hope this info will help you to spread the word further about this horrendous place ,goodluck.

  2. Visited the Manchester store this week to show my son the doggies … Disgusted….. What a horrific place… Dogs seemed lethargic and depressed.
    Lay on a tiled floor with dirt around them, no fresh water or food.

    Two members of staff one of which has been there many years from what I remember was stomping around, moody, clearly this place to me seems a money making scam! Photographs of celebrities allover the walls … In the hope this will sway a person to buy a pup.
    I left very upset, the day later driving past I seen protesters… So chose to investigate and now I see much more!

    Get this place closed down! How can this be ok and how can this be allowed


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