Celebrity and Political Support

Local Support

Salford (Manchester)

Rebecca Long-Bailey MP Boycott Dogs4Us

Rebecca Long-Bailey, Labour MP (Salford and Eccles). Rebecca is MP for the area Dogs4Us Manchester is located and has given our campaign her full support.

Councillor Bill Hinds Salford

Bill Hinds Labour Councillor, Salford Council said “I support Boycott Dogs4Us in their campaign against puppy farming. The sale of poorly bred dogs has no place in Salford.”


Paul Wilson Labour Councillor, Salford Council said  “As a Councillor and a dog owner I’m pleased to be supporting the issues raised by Boycott Dogs4Us; irresponsible breeding practice and promoting irresponsible impulse purchases of dogs has no place in Salford.

We need to stand together and change legalisation to stop puppies being sourced from irresponsible breeders and being sold to unwitting consumers by irresponsible pet shop owners”

Councillor Lisa Stone Boycott Dogs4Us

Lisa Stone Labour Councillor, Salford Council said “I support the Boycott Dogs4Us campaign against the puppy farm trade. Personally, I am passionate about animal welfare and have a rescue dog from the RSPCA. I would urge anyone thinking of taking on the massive responsibility of owning a dog to visit their local rescue centre and give one of the thousands of homeless dogs a loving home. These animals are just waiting for someone to give them a chance to be a part of your family. It’s a disgrace that we have so many animals living in shelters whilst at the same time, puppy farms are breeding ‘trendy’ dogs to sell for hundreds of pounds.”


Christine Towler Leeds Boycott Dogs4Us

Christine Towler Labour Councillor, Leeds Council said “I support Boycott Dogs4Us in their campaign against the cruel puppy farm trade. The recent Panorama exposé involving Dogs4us showed very clearly that there is cause for concern and some form of investigation must follow.”

Fabian Hamilton MP Boycott Dogs4Us

Fabian Hamilton, Labour Member of Parliament for Leeds North East said “I support Boycott Dogs4Us in their campaign against puppy farming. The recent Panorama expose was shocking and I certainly believe that the relevant authorities should investigate all companies which are engaged in this cruel and disgusting trade, including Dogs4Us.”


Alison Lowe Boycott Dogs4Us
Alison Lowe Labour Councillor, Leeds Council said “I support Boycott Dogs4Us in their campaign against the puppy farm trade. The recent Panorama investigation into puppy farming (including the coverage of Dogs4Us) has raised some important concerns that need to be addressed.”

Josephine Jarosz Boycott Dogs4Us

Josephine Jarosz Labour Councillor, Leeds Council said: “I support the Boycott Dogs4Us campaign against puppy farms. It’s important that people are made aware of the tragic consequences of buying a puppy from somewhere like Dogs4Us eg. the puppy is likely to become seriously ill and possibly die.”

Terry Wilford Boycott Dogs4Us

Terry Wilford Green Party Councillor, Leeds Council said: “A dog is for life and a dog is a best friend. I find it obscene and totally unacceptable what Dogs4Us are doing in relation to ‘puppy farming’ this is cruelty and making money under false pretences. The welfare of ALL animals is important and the recent Panorama expose of the treatment of puppies illustrated the shameful practices by Dogs4Us. A dog is for life and a best friend and NOT a piece of meat to be sold at a cost of damaged goods and irreparable harm.”

Ryk Downes Boycott Dogs4Us

Ryk Downes Liberal Democrat Councillor,  Leeds Council said: “I support the Boycott Dogs4Us campaign against puppy farming. I am always very concerned by the possibility of any animals welfare being compromised and I would like to be assured that the company in question has the best interests of the puppies at heart.”

Ann Blackburn Boycott Dogs4Us

Ann Blackburn Green Party Councillor, Leeds Council said “I’m disgusted that this ‪‎dog‬ farming factory [Dogs4Us‬] is allowed to exist and laws should come in that ‪‎ban‬ such establishments.”

David Blackburn Boycott Dogs4Us

David Blackburn Green Party Councillor, Leeds Council said ” “I feel the same way as my wife and am in complete agreement with her statement.”

Andrea Jenkyns MP Boycott Dogs4Us
Andrea Jenkyns, Conservative Member of Parliament for Morley and Outwood (Leeds) said: “I support Boycott Dogs4Us in their campaign against the puppy farm trade. It’s important that awareness is raised about this issue and that any concerns about pet stores such as Dogs4Us are brought to the attention of the public.”


Jason Gillespie Boycott Dogs4Us

Cricket legend, vegan, former fast bowler and current Yorkshire Cricket Club First Team coach Jason Gillespie said “I support Boycott Dogs4Us in their campaign against puppy farming. I was shocked by the recent Panorama exposé and to find out that a pet store in Yorkshire is involved in this cruel trade. It’s completely unacceptable for puppies to be treated this way.”

Marc Abraham Boycott Dogs4Us

TV Vet Marc Abraham said “I’m proud to fully support Boycott Dogs4Us…This shocking investigation [BBC Panorama] showed very clearly that licensed puppy dealers such as puppy superstore Dogs4Us should not be in operation; as being a third party seller (pups sold without their mums) they provide an outlet for irresponsibly bred pups as well as encouraging impulse purchases.”

Parliament Protest

Boycott Dogs4Us held a rally outside Parliament calling for a ban on the sale of puppies in pet shops and other third-party dealers. The Government says you should never buy a puppy unless you can see them with their mother, this is never possible at a pet shop. Pet shops like Dogs4Us get their puppies from cruel puppy farms as no other type of breeder will supply their puppies to third-parties.

In support of the rally were a number of famous and political figures. Boycott Dogs4Us thanks them for their support. Here are some of those who made it to the event.

mp_rob_flelloDavid-Amess-Boycott Dogs4UsSNP Boycott Dogs4Us.jpg

Labour MP Rob Flello,  Conservative MP David Amess, SNP MP Paul Monaghan

Rosie Cooper MP Boycott Dogs4UsMarc the Vet Boycott Dogs4Us

Labour MP Rosie Cooper, Marc “The Vet” Abraham and Jodie Marsh

Plus many more.

Thank you to all of them.


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