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Correcting Lies About Boycott Dogs4Us!


**IMPORTANT – PLEASE READ** We did not want to have to make this statement as we have no interest in public infighting within the anti-puppy farming movement. However, our hand has been forced by the disgusting and libellous accusation made by former Dogs4Us store manager Nicola Robinson. This is not the first time she has publicly attacked our group, but this time she has stepped way over the line. She is now claiming we took action that harmed the dogs.

We can state clearly and categorically that Boycott Dogs4Us never shut the water off at any Dogs4Us premises. If Robinson or her former co-conspirators at Dogs4Us have any evidence of this claim we invite them to provide it. All our demonstrations are attended to by the police and, had this happened, Robinson or her then colleagues would have had ample opportunity to report it to the police. Robinson had long conversations with the police and was often out watching and laughing at protesters.

If Robinson believed her own lie this begs the question why she attended and spoke at two Boycott Dogs4Us demonstrations.

Nicola Robinson and her group Save Our Pups has attacked/argued with other respected campaign groups and individuals including Marc the Vet, C.A.R.I.A.D, PupAid, Yonni from Saynotopetshoppups and Robinson’s former campaign supporters including long term activists such as Mary Parker and Steven McLean.

Robinson is a danger to the movement… she has not only caused divisions, duped campaigners with her blatant lies but also oversaw terrible standards of cleanliness inside Dogs4Us that she as a manager had the responsibility to rectify. We have never made a public statement like this but we feel it is our duty to strongly advise all activists to avoid Robinson and her group Save Our Pups.

SOP Nicola Turned water off fb

Shocking! What Dogs4Us and Facebook Don’t Want You To Know!

Staff from a practice used by Dogs4Us in Leeds has been convicted of animal cruelty. This is no surprise to us as Dogs4Us is known for selling puppies from cruel puppy farms and has been exposed by Sky News and Channel 5.

Shockingly Facebook has decided to block access to this information to all UK members, effectively censoring the truth about the link between puppy farm pet shop Dogs4Us and the convicted animal abusers at Armley Vets.

Here is the video from inside the vets that Dogs4Us and Facebook don’t want you to see:


Here is the censorship emails from Facebook:

Dogs4Us Ex-Manager Confirms Puppies Are From Puppy Farms

Nicola Robinson who was the manager of Dogs4us Leeds for 4 years has come out against her former employer. Speaking to the Boycott Dogs4us campaign via Twitter, Robinson revealed that Dogs4us does indeed source its puppies from puppy farms, despite the company’s claims to the contrary.

Nicola Robinson Ex-Manager

Robinson also spoke of her heartbreak at seeing puppies die while at the store.

Nicola Robinson Ex-Manager dying pups

Additionally a vets where 30 dogs and cats were seized and two staff arrested as part of a RSPCA investigation in March this year is stated to be a Dogs4Us vet.

Nicola Robinson Ex-Manager vet

Thank you Nicola Robinson for speaking up for the dogs, your words will help close Dogs4Us once and for all.

Dogs4us Exposed. Inside the Leeds store.

Sad eyes and empty lives of puppies inside the Dogs4us puppy warehouse in Leeds shot in October 2012. Forced to live in small, sometimes dirty, pens with little environmental enrichment these so-called pedigree dogs (that are not registered with the Kennel Club or any respectable body but rather a private company with links to the owner of Dogs4us) are warehoused until they can be sold for a tidy profit.

While these conditions are hardly ideal they are of course nothing compared to the sickening conditions the mothers of these puppies are kept in at the puppy farms Dogs4us source their puppies from.


“By the time I got to this pup i was already crying , her innocence and imprisonment broke my heart , note the filth around her” – Investigator


“Please help us – these 2 didnt move , dont know how long I’ll grieve over this but I feel so hurt inside.” – Investigator


“Shakey photo because i was crying , this pup looks sick” – Investigator


“Runny infected eyes” – Investigator



“Note the lack of bedding a small amount of sawdust on the floor just like Harlan [Harlan is a breeder for animal experiments known for poor animal welfare]” – Investigator

Dogs4us needs closing down once and for all. Join the campaign!

Exposed: David Furness/Davina Finesse Dogs4us Puppy Seller

More from Dogs4us staff whistle-blowers.
Revealed: David Furness, middle-man puppy dealer who travels to Wales weekly to pick up puppy farm pups for Dogs4us. David who enjoys cross dressing goes by the name Davina Finesse and lives in Altringham.
The staff member that alerted us to David described him as a “nasty bit of work”.
Please keep the info coming Dogs4us staff.