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Around 45 protesters attend Dogs4us protest, massive public support!

Yesterday (22nd July) around 45 protesters (over the course of the day) protested Dogs4us in Manchester. This is over double the lower end of our pre-protest estimate of 20! Loud and direct the protest had tons of public support. The road was awash with noise as cars tooted to show their disgust at Dogs4us dirty business.

Refreshments were brought by locals that wanted to show support for the campaign and other passers-by joined the demo.

Members of the public and the few customers Dogs4us actually had, read the signs and leaflets about the Sky News and Channel 5 expose showing the cruel conditions dogs were kept in at a breeder that supplied Dogs4us. The megaphone was used to let people know that the Government recommend that you only buy a puppy if you can see the mother and that no so-called ‘responsible’ breeder would sell to a pet shop.

Sacha (the son of the Dogs4Us owner) who came out to photograph the protesters ran back inside Dogs4Us when activists went up to say ‘hi’ (assaulting an activist on his way). Then he cowardly sent his girlfriend out to take photos of the protesters while he hid inside!

Paige (Sacha’s girlfriend) appears to join the Boycott Dogs4us protest 😉

Interest in the campaign continues to grow with over 60,000 views on the YouTube video showing the Sky News investigation of Dogs4us. Pledges to boycott continue to overwhelm the campaign and protest numbers continue to be strong. Dogs4us…. it is time to stop selling puppies!

Customers turned away! Weekly demos continue to succeed.

Activists were once again back at Dogs4us Leeds for one of the smaller weekly demos. The store is always very empty but this time it was even emptier as 2 customers turned away after hearing the truth about Dogs4us!

Here is a report from the ground; “Today’s demo at Dogs4Us Leeds was the best yet! Two potential customers turned away, one of whom looked sick to her stomach upon learning of the horrors of the puppy farming industry. Upon chanting “One customer turned away”, the manager came out to keep her beady eye on us, but she didn’t say anything – after all what can she say to justify what she does?”

Next Sunday (22nd July) is the monthly demo which will see between 20-30 activists from around the country protesting against the Manchester store. Please make sure you are one of them! Full event details can be found here.


Support the local activists in Leeds!

Please head down to the store in Leeds this Sunday to inform customers about Dogs4us. The local activists only need a few people for this weekly demo but the more the better.


Check out the event page here:


Picture taken without permission from Dogs4us blog for the purpose of non-profit educational use under the fair use principle of US law and the Fair Dealing principle of the law of England and Wales.

Weekly Protests Continue Against Dogs4us Leeds

For a while now a small group of campaigners have been educating people about the Boycott Dogs4us campaign outside the Leeds store.


The campaign today received the following report from todays protest:

“Dogs4Us were again shamed by activists in Leeds today! More leaflets handed out, more people educated about the horrors of puppy farming, and more awareness raised of this disgusting pet shop’s lack of ethics regarding its links to Welsh puppy mills. All the disgruntled workers could do – as ever – was to take close-up photographs of our faces and animal rights hoodies, no doubt putting these on their little blog claiming we are militant extremists, etc. As we left, we promised to return next week. We intend to keep that promise! Until every cage is empty!”

Dogs4us stop selling puppies!

Dogs4Us – They didn’t know what hit em’!

Yesterdays protests were an unmitigated success with about 40 activists between the two Dogs4us stores in Leeds and Manchester.

The Manchester protest was the larger of the two as Manchester is the main store. The Manchester store had over 25 protesters and 5 dogs (all welcome on our demos). People driving up to the main store  were horrified to find out about Dogs4us’ dirty dealings and many turned around and refused to buy from Dogs4us once they knew the truth.

Many people honked and tooted in support of what we were doing, many leaflets were distributed  and people came and spoke to activists about not buying but adopting instead.


This campaign will not stop until Dogs4Us stop selling puppies and we are going from strength to strength. In around a month of the new phase of the campaign we have over 3000 likes on our Facebook page and an online group of 1000 activists.

A great big thank you to all that came to the demonstrations in Manchester and Leeds. But this is just the start, we are ready…