Shocking! What Dogs4Us and Facebook Don’t Want You To Know!

Staff from a practice used by Dogs4Us in Leeds has been convicted of animal cruelty. This is no surprise to us as Dogs4Us is known for selling puppies from cruel puppy farms and has been exposed by Sky News and Channel 5.

Shockingly Facebook has decided to block access to this information to all UK members, effectively censoring the truth about the link between puppy farm pet shop Dogs4Us and the convicted animal abusers at Armley Vets.

Here is the video from inside the vets that Dogs4Us and Facebook don’t want you to see:


Here is the censorship emails from Facebook:

2 thoughts on “Shocking! What Dogs4Us and Facebook Don’t Want You To Know!”

  1. Absolutely disgusting 😦

    My heart breaks for all of them, but the four young Husky puppies had me crying…no puppy should be scared at that age, they should be running to make friends!

    Why are facebook protecting them?!

  2. I bought my pup from there and she was so poorly from day 1. She’s 8 now, but we’ve incurred £40,000 vets bills. I can send you her 35 pages of vets bills. She is our beautiful pet, but I wish she didn’t have all these ailments. The day after we got her she was so sick and I phoned dogs for us, they said I could take her back and get a credit note or choose another pup, who would do this. Also the vet that vet checked her the day before in the Prestwich surgery , just stuck a needle in her and sent us on our way, asked no questions after we told her where we’d got her from. Thank god we have an amazing vet now that looks after her and thank god we are in a position to give her a good life. Boycott this place, they are inhuman, selling beautiful pets that will always be faithful.
    I asked my vet 1 day why if she’s in so much pain, why she still wags her tail, he said cause she was born in pain and knows no different. How cruel is this.

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