Dogs4Us Nearly Empty of Customers Due to Protest

Dogs4us LeedsDogs4us

On Sunday 21st June 2015, 20 activists over the course of the day protested puppy warehouse Dogs4Us in Leeds.

The protest highlighted the fact that a Channel 5 and Sky News expose revealed that Dogs4Us sources their puppies from cruel puppy farms in Wales. Dogs at Dogs4us supplier farms are kept in horrific conditions, living in tiny pens in complete darkness with little or no bedding, space, stimulation, or access to the outside. Customers of Dogs4Us have reported buying sick and diseased puppies.

Dogs4Us claims to offer a guarantee but this does not offer any more protection than the legal minimum. It does not cover vet bills but rather only allows a refund or replacement dog – treating puppies like products.

The protest marked the launch of “Operation Boycott”, urging a complete and total boycott of the Yorkshire based puppy superstore.

Customers were told of other places to buy supplies and rescue centres from which puppies can be obtained. This led to many customers turning away from the store.

Dogs4us was empty or nearly empty throughout the day! This shows the effectiveness of the awareness raising efforts of the campaign so far.

Boycott Dogs4usBoycott Dogs4us

One protester was arrested after a false allegation by a Dogs4us staff member that he had hit their car. The campaigner was later released without charge. This shows the desperate lengths that the puppy farm pet shop Dogs4us will go to silence legitimate protest.

The campaign will continue until Dogs4us either closes down or stops selling puppies for good.

13 thoughts on “Dogs4Us Nearly Empty of Customers Due to Protest”

  1. i bought my pup from there a male cocker spaniel and his behaviour has always been strange and had a lot of health problems I adore him but feel robbed of my money

  2. Carmarthenshire council should be ashamed.. How can they in any moment of madness think that treating animals like this is OK… It is disgusting and these ‘farms’ should be closed immediately.

  3. Well done you brave peope for exposing the dogs 4 us puppy farm outlet. The public is told how horrificly dogs are treated in the suppliers’ puppy factories but they forget very quickly and demonstrations are needed to remind them.

  4. Well done exposing these puppy farm, how can anyone think these conditions are ok let alone the council. I’m utterly gob smacked. Its inhumane and utterly barbaric

  5. These type of places should not be allowed to exist. They are cruel and inhumane. The RSPCA should be investigating the likes of this And Puppy farms. Only registered breeders with the Kennel club should be allowed to breed dogs and then conditions should be imposed by dog’s being spayed and neutered to stop overbreeding and consequently to stop the amount homeless dogs which we have in this country. Breeders have a.responsibility to make sure each and everyone of their pups, go to a suitable home with suitable and caring owners.

  6. Ha! I have been researching this place to try and find out just how terrible they were.

    I contacted them at the end of last year and asked them a few basic questions, pretending I was interested in buying a puppy from them. I didn’t get an answer to any of my questions (and they were real simple: are the parents health tested? What age do you separate the puppies from the mother? etc), the only reply I got was ‘call the shop and we will be happy to discuss it with you’.

    One of my dogs is most likely from a pet shop (she is a rescue) and we know the beginning of her life was truly terrible. When we rescued her (at 10 weeks old) she was extremely skinny, had a huge scab on her neck and had a belly full of worms.

    I don’t have a problem with good, ethical breeders. Personally I imagine I will always choose rescue dogs, but if a person wants to buy from an excellent breeder, okay. However back-yard-breeders and pet shops selling puppy mill dogs are disgusting, I can’t believe this is still legal…

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