Dogs4Us, We’re Back!

Good demo on Sunday. Despite huge transport issues for many activists, 11 people protested Dogs4us Leeds over the course of the day. The store had very few customers and out of the few they did have some turned around and left after reading the leaflets.

The staff were so concerned about the effectiveness of the protest that Manager Colin Yarwood got on the phone to call in a security guard, Staff Member Julie Cunningham already tried to get the police to help but they told her no law had been broken!

Towards the end of the day the only people going in and out of the store were friends of staff members, the same people going in and out without purchasing a thing! It is clear the store is on its last legs, we need you all now to join us in a final push!

Find out about upcoming protests at our Facebook page Boycott Dogs4us

2 thoughts on “Dogs4Us, We’re Back!”

  1. My hubby and I bought a Shih Tzu from the Manchester branch, if we’d known at the time about where this company sourced the puppies from, we would never have gone there. Our Shih Tzu is well loved but he has behavioural problems, his jaw and tongue are also abnormal. We recently bumped into another Shih Tzu owner who said that he’s had alot problems as well, guess where his dog was from!! I urge people not to buy dogs from Dogs 4us, the company needs closng down.

  2. I’m gutted I live so far away now, I used to live near Leeds and would definitely have come and helped spread information about puppy farms. I had no idea this place even existed until I stumbled across their site at the end of last year. It’s disgusting this is legal, although not surprising…shocked to find it so close to where I used to live though 😦

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