Dogs4us Exposed. Inside the Leeds store.

Sad eyes and empty lives of puppies inside the Dogs4us puppy warehouse in Leeds shot in October 2012. Forced to live in small, sometimes dirty, pens with little environmental enrichment these so-called pedigree dogs (that are not registered with the Kennel Club or any respectable body but rather a private company with links to the owner of Dogs4us) are warehoused until they can be sold for a tidy profit.

While these conditions are hardly ideal they are of course nothing compared to the sickening conditions the mothers of these puppies are kept in at the puppy farms Dogs4us source their puppies from.


“By the time I got to this pup i was already crying , her innocence and imprisonment broke my heart , note the filth around her” – Investigator


“Please help us – these 2 didnt move , dont know how long I’ll grieve over this but I feel so hurt inside.” – Investigator


“Shakey photo because i was crying , this pup looks sick” – Investigator


“Runny infected eyes” – Investigator



“Note the lack of bedding a small amount of sawdust on the floor just like Harlan [Harlan is a breeder for animal experiments known for poor animal welfare]” – Investigator

Dogs4us needs closing down once and for all. Join the campaign!

30 thoughts on “Dogs4us Exposed. Inside the Leeds store.”

  1. spread the word – never buy pups from dogs 4 us , never buy puppies online. If you want a specific breed then there are rescue orgs for them. Contact these rescue orgs and explain what type of pup you would like and arrange for a home check.

  2. No better than a puppy farm, so why are the RSPCA not involved ???????? DISGUSTING when there’s so many rescue places fit to bursting. And yes my dogs are rescues and I love them all.

  3. What is being done about this??? This is terrible abuse against animals and i thought that was a crime in England. Wish i had the power !!!

  4. Puppy Milles are DISGUSTING!!! I wouldn’t buying anything from a pet shop that sells pets and I’m spreading the word about this. What else can I do? Is there an petition to close this shop?

  5. I think the owners and management of Dogs4us should be mercilessly pursued for prosecution, and then held on remand for weeks in their own kennels ! OF COURSE, THIS CAN’T HAPPEN because of a Human Rights Bill ~ BUT WHEN WILL SOME PROFESSIONAL BODY TAKE SOME INTEREST & CATCH THESE PEOPLE. Please, please, let’s see some action instead of beaurocracy and ‘Book Passing’ ????

  6. My work colleague bought a puppy from here that was riddled with problems and cost her thousands of pounds to correct; he still isn’t right. There are frequent meetings of people that have purchased dogs from here that has medical problems related to breeding. The vet said his problems could be likened to those with poor breeding/farming. I have grown up always having dogs in the family so am well aware of how dogs are when they are sad/unwell/happy. It is incredibly sad visiting this store and the puppies look withdrawn and desperate to be let out. There is no bedding on the floor and the dogs have been sitting in urine and faeces on the floor in many of the cells. Allegedly celebrities posing for photo’s with their ‘dogs4us’ puppy line the wall; hoping to lure people in. If I could take them all home I would but you’re only lining the pockets of the crooks that run this set up.

  7. this place needs to close ASAP no one in authority wants to do anything , I was advised by manager when my dog was ill “should have had him put down as only had him 3 days , would love to attened next leeds demo

  8. I accidentally visited this hell hole and left crying my eyes out. People banging on the glass. Puppies on their own no socialisation. Iccannot believe this can be allowed to happen in this day andage:'(

  9. I feel so so sorry for them dogs .it’s unbelievable .I have a dog of my own and he his well looked after …. and I’ve visited dogs4us befor and at the the time they was well looked after and the kenals was always getting cleaned

  10. And if you don’t care about the puppy farms these dogs come from or ghetto conditions they now live in.maybe you ll care about the huge vet bills you WILL incur if you buy one of these puppies .

  11. I,with pure ignorance purchased a puppy
    from here last year. She is now 2 and has cost my insurance company approx 6k on two major operations on both her back legs! I have invested in puppy classes in order to get her used to other dogs however her social behaviour is not right ( I blame the conditions in which she was kept in) I wouldn’t change my dog for anything however I would advice people not to go in or purchase a dog from here. I in future would choose to rescue.

  12. We went here and saw a Chihuahua who was 10 months old!! She had been there, in those horrible conditions since she was just 12 weeks old and was for sale at £1200. We asked why they would not reduce her just to get her a home but they wouldn’t. This was a few years ago, cant remember exact time but I could find out via bank statements. Anyway the next day I researched dog sale licences and learnt they were only licenced to sell puppies up six months of age so I contacted Leeds Council – they did nothing! They did contact them but said legally they couldn’t really do anything. In the end we went back to buy her even though we couldn’t really afford her but she had mysteriously sold !!!
    We didn’t believe it so we rang the DogsRUs Branch in Manchester and asked them if they had any Chihuahuas, they did but she was 10 months old, but she had been reduced to £800.
    We went over and it was the same dog. We bought her just to get her out of there.
    These guys are disgusting. I hate this company with a passion. They are not interested in the welfare of the dogs and leave them couped up in those horrible, tiny pens often climbing over each other in their own urine and extrement.
    They should be shut down with immediate effect and then watched so they don’t just set up again under a different name.

  13. How very sad. People, just why do the make money out of pure misery. They don’t deserve the same air space.

  14. This is totally heartbreaking, I have a shihtzu and she really is my world, how can people be so cruel to animals? They have hearts and feelings too! These b******s want shooting!!!! 😥

  15. I felt sorryvfor a pup in there 18 month ago so she came home with me best playful happy good looking cocker spaniel around

  16. This article is a load of rubbish if u ask me I have bought two westies from here both are doing fine fit and healthy.
    Also the spaces where the dogs are kept are always clean and they are always kept to a good standard. The staff are lovely and not one dog is kept in a filthy environment. This article is just out to cause as much trouble as it can. Me and my family have always bought dogs from here without any problems.

  17. I have just emailed the company with the most angry and determined opinion…. I am also writing to the papers and anyone that will listen!!!! Its appaling and absolutely cruel and unnecessary!

  18. The RSPCA will do nothing. As long athe pups have food and water and seem to be in afit state they would notget involved. They would get involved if pups were under weight or in poor heath. I am not sure what can be done to shutthis place down. Name and shames people are trying to do. Thank goodness for social media sights. Lets try to put people off buying from here. If there no customers there is no income for them. I know of David Furness. Nobody should be under mind buy this man. He is a nobody in life.

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