Boycott Dogs4us Christmas Protest 25th November Leeds

Boycott Dogs4Us Campaign Invites You To Join Us At Dogs4Us Leeds For Our Monthly Protest.
Boycott Dogs4Us Campaign will be protesting outside the UK’s largest pet superstore, Dogs4Us, in Leeds to highlight its link to the disgusting and unethical trade that is puppy farming.
Dogs4Us were exposed by an undercover Sky News investigation in 2009 for sourcing puppies from cruel puppy farms in Wales where dogs are being kept in squalid conditions; dogs were found to be living in tiny pens in complete darkness with little or no bedding, no space, no stimulation, and no access to the outside.

Footage obtained by Sky News revealed the torment inflicted upon these sentient creatures as a result of persistent confinement, as well as documenting the customers of Dogs4Us who had bought sick and diseased puppies.

Dogs4Us will not allow customers to see the puppies with their mothers before prior to purchasing them as the government recommends, yet still they continue to be in business.
Jon Proctor from Boycott Dogs4Us Team says, “The disease ridden puppy factories are absolutely vile and are a complete hell on earth for animals. We will keep protesting and urging customers and potential customers to boycott Dogs4Us until they end this needless suffering. The shiny sleek store does in no way reflect the reality of how these puppies enter the world or the lives of their mothers whom are nothing more than breeding machines.

There are so many unwanted dogs waiting in local shelters to be homed; if people wish to care for an animal we urge them to visit their local animal rescue centre.”

Sky News footage:

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