Weekly Protests Continue Against Dogs4us Leeds

For a while now a small group of campaigners have been educating people about the Boycott Dogs4us campaign outside the Leeds store.


The campaign today received the following report from todays protest:

“Dogs4Us were again shamed by activists in Leeds today! More leaflets handed out, more people educated about the horrors of puppy farming, and more awareness raised of this disgusting pet shop’s lack of ethics regarding its links to Welsh puppy mills. All the disgruntled workers could do – as ever – was to take close-up photographs of our faces and animal rights hoodies, no doubt putting these on their little blog claiming we are militant extremists, etc. As we left, we promised to return next week. We intend to keep that promise! Until every cage is empty!”

Dogs4us stop selling puppies!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Protests Continue Against Dogs4us Leeds”

    1. Hello,

      I live in Leeds and would love to attend your next protest. How can i find out when your next one will be please?

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