Nationwide Leafleting Against Dogs4us


Boycott Dogs4us today received reports of leafleting from a number of towns and cities nationwide. Activists have been handing out various leaflets against Dogs4us today exposing the fact that the company has been exposed by Sky News and Channel 5 for being supplied by puppy mills.

The news comes as Dogs4us posted pictures on their site of campaigners protesting their Manchester store but were careful to blank out a banner exposing the fact that undercover footage from their suppliers have been all over Sky News and Channel 5.

Dogs4us, soon the footage of your suppliers will be seen by thousands of people and everyone will know the truth about your business – time to stop selling puppies Dogs4us!

5 thoughts on “Nationwide Leafleting Against Dogs4us”

  1. I got one of your leaflets, totally agree with you. We will never go to Dogs4us again, they need shutting down in my opinion.

  2. I support you 100%
    Those poor dogs and puppies totally disgusting…
    They need to be stopped and closed down……

  3. We purchased Jack Russell Bitch from there a few years ago not realising they are puppy farmers. Our dogs at home didnt take to her one bit so we telephoned them and asked them to take Tink back whom we paid £300 for. They refused, we told them to keep the money but they still wouldnt take her back. One of their female assistants gave me two options one was to give her away the other was to have her put down. Disgusting and appalled and very cross with myself for going there in the first place but we were unaware of what they did.

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