Dogs4Us – They didn’t know what hit em’!

Yesterdays protests were an unmitigated success with about 40 activists between the two Dogs4us stores in Leeds and Manchester.

The Manchester protest was the larger of the two as Manchester is the main store. The Manchester store had over 25 protesters and 5 dogs (all welcome on our demos). People driving up to the main store  were horrified to find out about Dogs4us’ dirty dealings and many turned around and refused to buy from Dogs4us once they knew the truth.

Many people honked and tooted in support of what we were doing, many leaflets were distributed  and people came and spoke to activists about not buying but adopting instead.


This campaign will not stop until Dogs4Us stop selling puppies and we are going from strength to strength. In around a month of the new phase of the campaign we have over 3000 likes on our Facebook page and an online group of 1000 activists.

A great big thank you to all that came to the demonstrations in Manchester and Leeds. But this is just the start, we are ready…

10 thoughts on “Dogs4Us – They didn’t know what hit em’!”

  1. Well done to all who gave their support on the day. Dogs4us wanted activists and now they have their wish. They really shot themselves in the foot when they tried to intimidate a smaller group of people. More power to you all and thank you for being the new voice of the voiceless.

  2. Having just had a look at the comments on their “Blog” whatever I felt before about all of this has turned right around and I now fully support those doing their best to end the wholesale trading, breeding and selling of pups. I am now wondering more and more about the poor parent dogs and what can only be described as their hellish existence – a fact that seems to have escaped Dogs4Us and their commentors. I rest my case, good on you guys more power to you all.

  3. had i known about the protest outside Dods4Us i would have greatfully attended and given my support, what a fab job you are all doing to get rid of this vermin place

  4. Well done to all involved in the protest. Good to see so many people turn up at both shops to speak out for those who have no voice. Selling live animals in a shop is never ever the right thing to do. No matter how well the puppies look, you can guarentee that the puppies parents are living in hell.

  5. Brilliant, just brilliant! Well done for getting the message out to more people. No decent breeder sells pups to pet shops and no decent pet shop sells pups…..simple as! Dogs4Us keep going on about being licensed and regulated but that doesn’t alter the fact they get their stock from commercial breeders/puppy farms! I support you all the way and hope to attend protests sometime in the future.

  6. Good work everyone. Some familiar faces at the protest and some wonderful people who dedicate their lives to fighting for the rights of animals.
    The word is slowly spreading and I live in hope that one day soon, it will be illegal to sell dogs in this way.
    My thoughts are with the adult dogs still being used as breeding machines.

  7. Not sure what D4U are bleating about when it comes to fines etc have any of the people who attended Sunday’s protests put companies into liquidation and thereby deny hard working proper companies there hard earned cash owned for goods and services rendered? Have any of them owned HM tax revenues monies? People in greenhouses should not throw stones McCadden et al.

    1. Seems the latest blog has silenced them for a bit! Anyone else noticed that when one goes quiet on the D4Us Bog (no spelling error) they all go quiet, wonder why that is? NOT

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