Dogs4us claims they are ‘Mostly’ Using Licensed Breeders!

Dogs4us in a desperate attempt to defend their sale of puppies have stated on their website that they ‘mostly’ use licensed breeders as a source of their puppies!

While we know that a breeding licence doesn’t mean good conditions as the many welsh puppy mills attest, we find it remarkable that Dogs4us do not even view this basic minimum as a necessity for their puppies!

So where are ‘some’ of your puppies coming from Dog4us? Unlicensed breeders? Individuals? ie. backyard breeders!

2 thoughts on “Dogs4us claims they are ‘Mostly’ Using Licensed Breeders!”

  1. I wonder if they tell the customer when the puppy they’ve just bought is NOT from a licenced breeder? Will it be in the small print? Maybe you buy those in the ‘reduced’ section, or ‘end of line’ reductions,or on a BOGOF discount day? Just like they do in other supermarkets.

  2. Absolutely disgusting,those poor dogs, this needs to be stopped Now!!!!cannot believe they can let these VERMIN carry on breeding let alone give them a licence,

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