Welcome to Boycott Dogs4Us

Welcome to the BoycottDogs4Us.com website.

Dogs4Us Exposed on TV

Dogs4Us is a warehouse seller of puppies which sources its dogs from cruel puppy farms. Customers report sick and dying puppies and have spent thousands on vets bills.

The BBC exposed the fact Dogs4Us regularly buy puppies under 8 weeks old (too young to be away from their mother). They also highlighted cases of seriously ill puppies and the selling of fake Pedigree dogs.

Please don’t buy anything, including pet supplies, from Dogs4us as this funds their cruel puppy trade.

If Cruella de Vil owned a pet shop it would act like Dogs4Us!

Please have a look around the site and learn more.

20 thoughts on “Welcome to Boycott Dogs4Us”

  1. I bought my Beagle from the Swinton branch 8 years ago swiftly followed by my Rottie about 2 week’s later. At their vet check they told me to take Brandy (my Rottie) back to the store as he had a heart murmer and hip dysplasia. We chose to keep him because we were in love. He sadly died at 4 due to complications with his hip 😦

  2. That is Six…..the breeders wouldn’t like it if they was treated like that so why do it to dogs they have feeling just like us DOGS 4us what a joke It’s disgusting!!!!!!

  3. 😦 we bought our Chocolate Labrador from here (Manchester). He died at 2 years of age due to thymic lymphoma. We were devastated and, whilst we would not go back and choose not to buy him if we had known he would suffer like this, we would never buy from there again. Way too painful. I feel so so sorry for these dogs, it’s heartbreaking 😦 xx

  4. Disgusting!! I bought my puppy from here and she has had tons of health problems! We went back and they said they would give us our money back only if we gave our puppy back (who would then have been killed) no way! Love my dog to pieces! Would never give her up for no amount of money. Scum bags!!

  5. A friend of mine bought what she was told was a sheltie puppy from dogsrus, only to find out 6 mths later after it kept growing it was a mongrel, dogsrus offered her part of her money back or return of the dog, absolute disgrace, who would return a family dog , but worse dogsrus should have returned the full amount paid for the puppy plus compensation!!!!! The staff I’m sure care for the animals they sell, but they have no control over the owners business dealings, because that’s all it is to him a BUSINESS!!

  6. It’s the councils and RSPCA who are also responsible for these poor dogs fates. We need to expose their incompetence as well.
    We also need to remember that there are some very good breeders who take the utmost care choosing which dogs to mate and provide lifelong responsibility for the dogs they breed.
    If you want a puppy contact the breed clubs to find out where good breeders are and be prepared to travel for a puppy, after all this puppy should be part of your family and deserves the best.

  7. I cant even bring myself to watch the video I can see from the pic alone I will make sure everyone I know boycott this

    1. On 6th April 2020 Lucy’s Law will be fully in force . Does this mean places like the 2 dogs r us store will have to stop their racket that is puppy farming. Sales? I hope so. They’ll probably do it via online knowing them.

      1. Yes, the should stop on 6th April. It will also be illegal for them to sell them online. We will have to see if they comply with the law or try and find a way around it.

  8. I purchased my cavilier king charles from Dogs4us in Manchester. I paid £550 for him, a week later I had to take him to the emergency vets in Bury costing me a further £600 for oxygen treatment and low blood sugar levels. The emergency vet told me they treat loads of poorly pups from this place. He had been poorly since the moment I collected him and has suffered 2 operations on his legs since as they are so weak. When I phoned to complain, I was told to bring my pup back and swop it for another one! I didnt push this further at the time as I was far too upset, Disgusting place!

  9. I am so disgusted this business is allowed to carry on. Why are people not boycotting the store. Every puppy farm in the country should be shut down and the most stringent of checks made on breeders everywhere. I am embarrassed we are known as a nation of animal lovers. The truth is we allow this sickening cruelty to go on under our very noses and fuel the market by purchasing cheap puppies. Dreadful place!

  10. This is disgusting and I am truly devastated to admit that I got my beautiful girl from here, at the manchester branch in December 2012! The documents do seen legit, however it’s only until March 2013 fudge was diagnosed with permanent liver disease!! I am disgusted beyond words!! I want to help more than ever to bring this place down!!!!!

  11. You should be ashamed of yourself treating poor dogs like this. You deserve to be made to live like this in a shit hole !!!

  12. How in the hell can the owners of this hell hole stand themselves? What does it take to shut this horrible hole down?? People like this need to have the very same thing done to them…put them in a filthy pen, ignore them, and see how long they last…this infuriates me..

  13. I naively bought 2 puppies from here of different breeds one toy poodle and one spaniel. Both and wonderful dogs but have serious health problems.

    Spaniel-hip dysplasia from birth costing thousands in operations and medications from a year old. She has never been able to enjoy a walk without pain.
    An untreated unbilical hernia which had to be operated on after her first vet visit.
    Chronic asthma/respiratory problems.
    Extremely brittle teeth.

    Toy poodle- her pedigree shows the same dog is her grandfather on both sides, so inbreeding occurred.
    -congenital heart defect/congestive heart failure
    -impossible to toilet

    They both have the sweetest nature its just appalling to see them suffer from conditions that could have been prevented by responsible breeding rather than inbreeding and breeding from unhealthy dog and removing them far too soon, vet couldnt be certain but she believed spaniel was younger than we had been told, which correlates with her weak teeth and bones.

    Do not buy from these puppy farm supporters

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